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Arbitration Clauses in Publishing

Q. My latest publishing agreement includes an arbitration clause.  Should I accept it?           A.  No.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but litigation usually is a better option for authors (and consumers in general) than arbitration.  Arbitration (not to be confused with mediation) is an “alternative” method of dispute resolution.  In general, two disputing parties present … Continue reading Arbitration Clauses in Publishing

Q&A: Cross-collateralization

Q. What is cross-collateralization, and is there a cure? A. Cross-collateralization is an accounting concept (stay with me here) used in publishing agreements (and also commercial loans). It refers to the right of the publisher to charge your royalty account for any amount owing to the publisher under any other agreement. Unfortunately, many writers fail … Continue reading Q&A: Cross-collateralization