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Authors Guild Announces Fair Contract Initiative

On May 28, 2015, at Book Expo America in New York City, the Author’s Guild announced an ambitious new program — a must-read for every writer — named The “Fair Contract Initiative.” This initiative is a series of commentaries that will take “a fresh look at the standard book publishing contract.” According to the announcement, … Continue reading Authors Guild Announces Fair Contract Initiative

Agency Clauses in Publishing Agreements

An agency clause is a paragraph of legalese in your publishing agreement.  It gives your agent the right to collect all royalties (including advances) directly from the publisher.  The agent then deducts her commission from that amount, and sends the remainder to you.  The agency clause isn’t required by your publisher  —  it has no … Continue reading Agency Clauses in Publishing Agreements

First Publishing Deal

It’s arrived –your first traditional (not an e-book!) publishing contract: ten pages of single-spaced Times Roman.  All the work, the revisions, the seemingly endless waiting for replies from publishers has finally paid off.  And you’re grateful, right? Of course you are.  Especially because your editor told you it’s a “standard” contract.  “Just sign and send it back,” … Continue reading First Publishing Deal