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Authors Guild Announces Fair Contract Initiative

On May 28, 2015, at Book Expo America in New York City, the Author’s Guild announced an ambitious new program — a must-read for every writer — named The “Fair Contract Initiative.” This initiative is a series of commentaries that will take “a fresh look at the standard book publishing contract.” According to the announcement, … Continue reading Authors Guild Announces Fair Contract Initiative

Q&A: Foreign Rights

Q.  I’m self-publishing my out-of-print novel, in both digital and print.  Please tell me about “foreign rights” and “foreign licensing deals.” A. Foreign rights are typically part of the “subsidiary rights” of your copyright, and can take different forms (also called “translation rights”).  Foreign rights, as a whole, are the granting, (or “licensing”) of your … Continue reading Q&A: Foreign Rights

Q&A: Rights

Q.  What rights should I grant to my publisher? The standard book publishing agreement “Grant of Rights” clause commonly takes all “print” rights plus certain specified “subsidiary” rights – foreign, translation, book club, electronic, film & television, audio, dramatic, and periodical.  Don’t skim over these clauses — they are the most important elements of your publishing agreement.  Examine … Continue reading Q&A: Rights